A modern afterschool educational
center for elementary school kids.

Coming to San Ramon, CA in early 2018

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Instant Feedback

Instructors use our custom software to see student responses instantly, and control the experience in real-time.


At Brightfox, the instructor is just one member of the team.
Students discuss, debate, and laugh together.

Exciting games with engaging visual graphics

“The first reaction from kids is usually a collective “Woah!”



In our conversational format, kids discuss problems together.



From 3D games to party/trivia games, the excitement never stops.


Instructor led

Instructors control the experience based on their judgment of how the kids are doing.


Engaging card game

Our 72-animal physical collectible card game reinforces persistence, focus, teamwork and honor.


Parent insights

Email summaries to parents show the results from that day’s work.


A second home

Our lobby/cafe has free snacks, couches, tables and great Wifi for parents to relax, work or socialize.

Alex´s experience in afterschool education goes back to age 16, when he worked at a computer-based educational center. He continued his interest in the concept with a B.A. in psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, which included extensive education coursework. He returned to the same educational company after Penn, where things really clicked about how to improve on the idea. He won a number of awards in his three years at Google, and helped build significant portions of Twitter (as a product and an organization) as one of its earliest employees. These collective experiences have helped prepare him to lead Brightfox.

Alex McCauley
Founder and CEO