A breath of fresh air in tutoring and test prep

We believe students and families deserve the very best and latest innovations to succeed. At Brightfox, we're bringing modern technology, engaging instructors and unique perks to afterschool education.

Fun Facts

Our Mission

Revolutionize global education and help students reach their full potential by bringing together modern technology, a customer-first approach and delightful daily experiences.

In-Center Experience

Brightfox is a welcoming environment. Families use our spacious lobby to get work done while they wait and students play a card game after each session for a chance to win gift cards. We even serve the occasional smoothie!

About our Founder

Alex McCauley started working in the afterschool education industry at the age of 16. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, he returned to the same education company, where his ideas about innovating in this space first flourished. He spent the subsequent decade at Google and Twitter, learning about modern software, management and company culture. He always had the desire to return to his education roots, and founded Brightfox in 2018.

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