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Catch up, keep up or get ahead in school

Brightfox can help improve grades and clarify concepts.

Why choose Brightfox?


Introductory meeting to develop a plan

Start with a free consultation (online or in-person) so we can understand your student's needs, and create a customized program together. Most students schedule weekly sessions to ensure that concepts are well understood, or to pre-teach the next topic. Others book sessions strategically before an exam.


In-Session Teaching

During our 2:1 ratio session, our instructor works directly with your student, teaching concepts using our proprietary curriculum or their class-specific materials. This offers a safe space to ask questions and clarify doubts. Once they have a solid grasp of a topic, they complete either their homework, or one of our supplemental quizzes. During this time, the instructor rotates to the second student, who is working on a different topic altogether. The instructor will return to your student, evaluate how they performed, and correct any errors. If ready, they will move on to the next topic.


Mix and match subjects as needed

Many families sign up with one class in mind. However, if students want last-minute support for another class, they can easily get help with that too. Brightfox is flexible with your schedule and tutoring needs throughout the year.

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