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Why choose Brightfox?


Free diagnostic with same-day results

Take a free diagnostic exam, either anytime at home or pre-scheduled at our center. Submit your answers on the Brightfox portal and get your score instantly, along with detailed analytics on 50+ topics to see strengths and weaknesses. We will review the results with you right away and develop a personalized program together. The diagnostic also serves as a baseline score for setting goals and measuring progress.


In-Session Teaching

During our 2:1 ratio session, our instructor works directly with your student, teaching concepts using our proprietary curriculum. This offers a safe space to ask questions and clarify doubts. Once they have a solid grasp of a topic, they complete online worksheets for independent practice. During this time, the instructor rotates to the second student, who is working on a different topic altogether. The instructor will return to your student, evaluate how they performed, and correct any errors. If ready, they will move on to the next topic.


Practice tests from home

At no additional cost, take full practice tests (just like the diagnostic test) from home. Your scores will appear on the Brightfox portal to visualize your progress. Not only do practice tests help reinforce the content, they improve timing around test-taking, build mental stamina to sit still for multiple hours, and increase the amount of data in our system regarding individual strengths and weaknesses. In this way, the more practice tests you take, the more effective the live sessions become.


Ongoing communication

Throughout the process, we'll be communicating with you what's happening, including recent scores and instructor feedback. We might decide together to adjust the frequency of sessions, or invest more in one subject over another. We send you regular updates so you are always in the know.

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